Swhengtee Property talk to be held on Feb 28,2009 at PWTC Kuala Lumpur

Gavin's the Swhengtee Property Talk (Mandarin) will be held on Feb 28,2009 ( saturday ) at 200pm, kuala Lumpur. contact 0162020001 for more details
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No Discounts for Rich Bumis

THE Housing and Local Government Ministry is discussing a proposal to scrap discounts for bumiputras who buy luxury property valued at RM500,000 and above.

Its minister Datuk Seri Ong Ka Chuan said the ministry was negotiating with state governments and a mutual agreement on the proposal, initiated by the Real Estate and Housing Developers’ Association (Rehda), had yet to be reached.

“We are discussing the discounts to be given to those who need the discounts and not to those who don’t deserve it,” he said in reply to Dr Mohd Puad Zarkashi (BN – Batu Pahat).
Ong said the ministry was also talking to state governments to expedite the process of releasing unsold bumiputra quota units to the open market.

He said the quota was imposed to provide a chance for bumiputras to own property and the mechanism was also set up to allow the unsold quota units to be released and sold in the open market to others if there was no demand from bumiputras.

However, the process of releasing the unsold units could take up to five years, he said, adding that this had become a burden to developers. ( November 25, 2008(The Star)

kuala Lumpur in the Forbes Top 10 List of Emerging Markets

Forbes recently released a list of top emerging world real estate markets that is based on in depth studies. By looking at inflation rates, access to lending opportunities, economic expansion and strength of individual property rights they were able to filter out promising markets worldwide.
Despite the worldwide softening of certain markets, due to drying up of credit funds, Forbes has found some promising locations that are poised to explode within the next 5 years.

High on the list is a city that might come as a huge surprise to some. Tel Aviv while having struggled in the late 90s and early 2000s has seen a recent climb in prices. Predictors expect this to rise further due to a great economic year in 2007.

Kuala Lumpur is another hot runner for expansive growth. With low inflation, a strong global trade and strong property prices, local builders are finding it hard to keep up with the current demand. As news of this spreads, this will unlikely change fast.

Purposely discounting developing markets because of their often high volatility, countries such as the Baltic states Estonia and Latvia were scraped off the list. While enjoying great growth in 2006 in both of these countries, depreciation of property went down by 7% and 14 % respectively last year.

Emerging countries were defined as those who are in transition from developing to advanced such as Brazil, Russia, China (often referred to as BRIC) and India.

One strong factor that was considered was the fact that unless there was satisfying loan access for investors, the country got eliminated. The market simply breaks down if people can’t find lenders and those few who can afford to pay cash are not enough to keep the market strong.
Perhaps the biggest surprise are the following four destinations. Chile, Jordan, Aman and Santiago.
While inflation hasn’t been out of context with growth, the real estate market is providing greater value because of economic expansion.

While these last four markets aren’t set to explode within the next 12 month, they are predicted to do very well within the next 5 years.

This provides a perfect investment planning opportunity for investors who crave new opportunities.

source : OP-Mall in Prediction

Oil price rockets high; BEST TIME to INVEST in PROPERTY

The sharp increase of petrol and power prices is expected to have a great impact on the real estate market with slower transaction predicted, however, it makes a great opportunity for investors to make their property investment. It is the best time to buy, according to real estate market analyst Gavin Tee.

The chain effect of rise in petrol prices has caused the consumers to change the buying and investment behavior. Due to the extra burden on the expenses, many may drop the plan to purchase a new home or to make a new investment . However, Gavin thinks this behavior is only an immediate short live response to the increase , and the slow down of real estate market is just a temporary scenario.

Gavin is the managing Director of Arborland & Co, also a principal consultant of 5G Channel introduced by FECAM to serve the Chinese community in property investment matter. He is also the council member of Malaysia institute of estate agent (MIEA).

Gavin is optimistic of the impact on property market by the hike in oil price , as he believes that property is an investment that provides good hedges against inflation.

Unlike commodities where the sensitivity level is higher , any increase in oil price will trigger immediate effect . Property sensitivity level is lower and tend to have delay respond. However , after a short time the price will be adjusted substantially. The prices will likely to escalate within 6 months time. Therefore, the following 6 months will be the best time to buy.

Gavin believes the secondary market of completed properties will become the new star in property transaction for the reasons that these properties prices are not affected by the rising construction cost in building materials . Furthermore, the property price for the secondary market has not been appreciated much in the last two years when compared with other new projects. Hence this sector of property will attract more buyers as it offers more freedom for negotiation and larger capital appreciation when compares to the new project which prices is heavily relied on the cost of building materials and other external factors.

For the new projects or under - construction properties , there is not much choice but to raise the selling price. For the completed properties , they may not have to follow.

Gavin views the medium cost new housing projects will be the main sector hit by the hike of oil prices as construction cost contribute the main portion of cost when comparing to high-end project where costs are well distributed into design fee, conceptual set up, location and other professional charges. In addition, the medium cost housing project are constrained by the ceiling prices set by the market unlike the high end property has less constrain on pricing. ( ie. Construction cost may attribute 50% of selling price to medium cost project while it may only be 25% in the case of high cost property.)

It is expected that many smart investors will take this opportunity ( before the property price shoot up ) to invest heavily in the real estate market. The number of such investors may not be substantial however they will become of the most profitable ones.

Gavin also believes that the repercussion to the foreign investors is mild as Malaysia real estate prices are considered relatively low in the Asia region as foreigner investors mainly invest in high-end condominium , land, commercial or corporate buildings which has smaller impact by the latest increase of petrol price is small.

Loan Applications: Documents Required

You need to provide the following basic documents before the financial institution
can process your loan application:

• A photocopy of identity card or passport
• Your latest 3 months’ salary slip
• Your latest income tax return form (form J)
or EA form
• Sale and Purchase Agreement/deposit or booking receipt/letter of offer from the
housing developer
• A photocopy of the land title (if any)
• The latest bank statements (compulsory in the absence of salary slips and/or Form J/EA Form) dating back six months/savings passbook/fixed deposits
• Valuation report for completed houses and/or

Some financial institutions may require
Additional supporting documents

• If you are self-employed, you need to provide your business registration documents, latest 3 months bank statements, latest financial statements and other supporting documents to support your income However, some financial institutions may require additional supporting documents.

Upon acceptance of the letter of offer, you will need to appoint a lawyer to draw up the loan documentation for you. Normally, you would select your lawyer from a list of panel lawyers provided by your financial institution. Some of these documents need to be submitted to the relevant government authorities for registration and to the Stamp Office for stamping.

Upon completion of the above, these registered documents are then submitted
to the financial institution and you will be given a copy of the Loan Agreement.
In general, the timeframe for the completion of this legal process should not exceed 6 months.


A common criterion is that your monthly loan instalment repayment should not be
more than 1/3 of your gross monthly household income. If you have savings or
fixed deposits, they can be used to support your loan application as financial
institutions may take them into account in evaluating your eligibility.

Different financial institutions have different criteria in calculating the repayment capacity. In the case of a floating rate loan, you should also note that your monthly repayment may increase substantially when interest rates go up.

For example, when there is an increase in the Base Lending Rate (BLR), the interest rate on your loan will also go up, and your repayment would be higher. However, in most cases, financial institutions would allow you to pay the fixed amount of monthly repayment throughout the loan tenure and would make any adjustment caused by the variation in interest rate by increasing or shortening the loan tenure. You should check this out with your financial institution.


The amount of financing provided by a financial institution depends on the market
value (for completed properties only) or purchase price of the house, whichever is lower. The margin of financing could go as high as 95% of the value of the house.

It is assessed on factors such as:


The length of a loan can range anytime up to 30 years or until the borrower
reaches age 65 (or any other age as determined by the financial institution),
whichever is earlier.
• Type of property
• Location of property
• Age of the borrower
• Income of the borrower


Each financial institution packages its housing loans differently. You should
examine all the features of a loan package and not just base your decision on any single feature. Pricing is just one consideration; other features like flexible
repayment terms could balance the scale or even translate into greater loan savings.

Financial institutions generally offer housing loan packages either in the form
of a term loan, overdraft, or a combination of a term loan and overdraft.


• Term Loan
– A facility with regular predetermined monthly instalments. Instalment is fixed
for period of time, say 30 years
– Instalment payment consists of the loan amount plus the interest
• Overdraft facility
– A facility with credit line granted based on predetermined limit
– No fixed monthly instalments as the interest is calculated based on daily
outstanding balance
– Allows flexibility to repay the loan anytime and freedom to re-use the money
– Interest charged is generally higher than the term loan
• Term loan and overdraft combined
– A facility that combines Term Loan and Overdraft. For example, 70% as term
loan and 30% as Overdraft
– Regular loan instalment on the term loan portion is required
– Flexibility on the repayment of overdraft portion


Financial institutions may charge you interest either on daily rests or monthly
rests depending upon the products offered. In the case of daily rests, the loan interest is calculated on a daily basis, while in the case of monthly rests, interest is calculated once a month based on the previous month’s balance. Under both types of loan, the principal sum immediately reduces every time a loan instalment is made.


A graduated payment scheme allows lower instalment payments at the beginning of the loan but this will gradually increase over time. This type of payment scheme will help house buyers to reduce burden of loan repayment for the first few years and allow them to allocate more money for other purposes. Over time, as earnings of house buyers increase, their repayment capabilities will also increase thus allowing higher repayment instalments at a later stage.
( Sources from Bankinginfo. )

The Swhengtee Property Talk List

sWe customize our services into the following categories :
1. Luncheon Talk ( 2 Hours )
2. Dinner Talk ( 3 Hours )
3. Private Function Talk ( Property Launching, Company Event )
4. In-House Corporate Training
5. Public / Private Seminar

Our courses are Tailor-Made to fit your requirements :
1. Real Estate Investment Course
2. The Success in Landlording (for owner and developer- 2 days course)
3. The Art of selling property
4. To Be Malaysia #1 in selling (2 days complete sales training course)
5. How to Handle Telephone Call (Telephone Etiquette / Technique)
– For corporate Admin and Telemarketing firm

6. Real Estate Agency Course
7. No Fear in Failure in Closing
8. Best Negotiators ( The new approach in negotiating )

Upcoming Seminars :
1. Make big money easier by investing in commercial property
2. How to buy your first property?
3. The technique of investing in sub-sales real estate
4. How to buy a rented property?
5. How to rent your property?
6. Closing a Million dollar sale has never been that easy

Courses and Talks are available in English and Mandarin.
For further details, please do not hesitate to contact us at 03-7983 0103 or 016-2020 001


Political and Economical Changes, Threat or Opportunity?
Keys to Success in Real Estate investment in 2008

Date : May 17th ,2008( Saturday )
Time : 9:30am – 5:00pm
Venue : KLCC Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre, Conference Hall 3
Investment : RM 268 (After May 7th 2008 )
Special Price : RM 138 (Before May 7th )
2 Coffee breaks, 2 free maps, 2 free magazines, Seminar Notes, Lucky Draws
Contact : 03-7983 0103, 016-2020 001

Medium: Mandarin


How will the property market react to the recent changing in state government of the five states in the Peninsular?

New Government , New Policies , how will these relate to the property market?

How will our real estate market influenced by the global economic climate changes?

Where shall you place your investment? What is the best investment with your hard earned money?

Your capital is limited, but you have never stop dreaming in making big Bucks from property investment. Don’t worry, let me show you how to get started?

How to turn your RM100,000 into RM1,000,000 in a year from property investment.

With plenty of surplus cash in hand but uncertain of the volatile market , what to watch out ?

Property investment has never been the same. introducing the SECRET to SUCCESS , it’s time for you to make a change!


09:00am Registration

09:30am Networking / Video Presentation

09:50am Lucky Draw

10:00am The impact of continuous political and economical changes on Malaysia property investment opportunity in 2008 – Boom ? Bust ?

11:15am Coffee / Tea Break

11:45am How Global economic climate changes the Malaysia real estate world

01:00pm Lunch (Not Included)

02:00pm Lucky Draw

02:05pm Make the most from property investment – what to purchase? Where to invest?

03:15pm Coffee / Tea Break

03:45pm Let’s Negotiate with the Market – get a guaranteed high return

04:50pm Grand Prize Lucky Draw

05:00pm See you!Let’s go home to source for great properties

Presenter : SwhengTee

SwhengTee ( Gavin Tee Swee Heng ) obtained his International Marketing Degree from Eastern Michigan University of United States in 1988. At present, he is the Managing Director of Arborland & Co and also the principal consultant in Amcity Capital Sdn Bhd ( a professional training firm ).

SwhengTee is frequently invited to be a commentator for Television and other media, he has also authored four books and currently a feature writer for various magazines and newspaper specializing on property investment issues. He was invited as principal consultant of Fecam 5G Channel on Property Investment Planning that serves the Chinese community.

SwhengTee is a Registered Estate Agent and has been in real estate industry for more than 16 years. He is presently holding a Council position in Malaysia Institute of Estate Agents

“The SwhengTee Property Talk” kicks off the Property investment talk in Mandarin – Gavin speaks on : Keys to success in Malaysia real estate investme

“The SwhengTee Property Talk” kicks off the Property investment talk in Mandarin – Gavin speaks on : Keys to success in Malaysia real estate investment

The recent political and economical changes make the real estate investment market volatile.Is it a threat or an opportunity to the property market? How could you turn RM100,000 into RM1,000,000 within a year from property investment? Where and what to invest in 2008? How to make your property value appreciate more than the current market value?

Let Gavin Tee ( Swhengtee ) answers all the above in his talk on May 17th2008 held in KLCC Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre. This property investment talk – “ Keys to success in real estate investment in 2008 ” is organized by AMCITY CAPITAL SDN BHD. This talk will be conducted in Mandarin.

During the interview, Gavin has pointed out that there are very limited Chinese medium seminar, research and information in the market . He believes that it put the Chinese investors in a less favorable position in their property investment where loosing out in securing the best property or getting an optimum return.

With his vast knowledge in selling, Mr. Tee has conducted many training courses in the area of sales. He was also a Trainer for Continuing Education Program (CEP) of KLSE Directors Training Programme. He has also authored four books and currently a feature writer for various magazines and newspapers. Gavin Tee is also frequently invited to be a commentator for NGOs and local television news program.

Gavin has been in real estate industry for more than 16 years. He said, real estate investment does not guarantee a profit. It is like operating a business that requires professional knowledge and skill. There are high return good properties or low return bad properties. The investors need to acquire sufficient information, and conduct detailed market research only to be able to negotiate competently in assuring success of his investment.

Gavin also mentioned, “Today, the investors are no longer looking for 10% return per annum for their real estate investment, if possible they want a 100% return. He claims that many investors use RM100,000 as the initial capital and receive a return of RM1,000,000 in profit. He sees in his own eyes of such cases all the times. He ask, “it happens everyday but why not you? ” He believes that many like to make big bucks from property investment , yet many have not even read a single investment related book or attend any real estate seminar. “Tell me, how can they make it there? ”

Gavin Tee obtained his International Marketing Degree from Eastern Michigan University of United State. Besides being a Registered Estate Agent, he also holds a Council position in Malaysia Institute of Estate Agents (MIEA). He holds the position of Managing Director in Arborland & Co Sdn Bhd, a real estate firm established since 1996.

The Seminar is sponsored by UK Land International, Ho Chin Soon Research, I-Property and Money Compass. Tickets are priced at RM268. A great discount offered to the early bird who purchase before 7th May 2008 at only RM138. For those who are interested, please contact 03-79830103 for more details.

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