Najib "Extensively" relax FIC as predicted by Gavin Tee

Gavin had predicted that the new prime minister Najib would relax the FIC guideline extensively during his last few seminars at KLCC ( march), PWTC(Arpil) and Mid Valley (June) and it had been confirmed on 30th june where the PM announced a series of new measures to liberalise the economy .

FIC approval for property transactions will now only be required when it involves a dilution of Bumiputera or government interest for properties valued at RM20 million and above, while other transactions, including between foreigners and non-Bumiputeras, will not require approval.

Foreigners are now only allowed to purchase properties above RM500,000. However, Gavin thinks this will not cause any shake up in the efforts to stimulate the real estate market. In fact, High end condos and commercial property sector will be the main beneficial.

Gavin also predicted the best time to invest in property shall be from may 2009 till November 2009 as he believed the new prime minister will come out with aggressive measurements to stimulate property market. New measurements is believed to announce in the upcoming budget .

Gavin believes the upcoming budget will bring more good news to real estate market.

Swhengtee Free talk at Mid Valley on Jun 28

Gavin Speaks on property investment at Mid Valley this Sunday

A free seminar will be held in conjunction with property exhibition—Malaysia Property & Investment Showcase organized by Exhibition Guide Company.

Topic : Easy Ways to make Big Money from Property Investment
Date : 28th June 2009 ( sunday )
Time : 3:30pm - 4:30on
Venue : Seminar Theatre, Hall 3,Mid Valley Exibition Centre ( MVEC)
Kuala Lumpur

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Gavin's talk reported in Home finder magazine

Home finder reported on Gavin Tee’s talk on “ Crisis brings golden opportunity” held at PWTC on April 12, 2009. Below are the extract from Gavin Tee’s investment talk :
Smart Investors Are…

Always armed with knowledge and the latest information relating to property and property investment. The weapon of knowledge and information can be used to boost confidence of an investor, allowing one to make firm and wise decision before sealing the deal of any property.

Wisely selective on the properties they want to invest in. A good property will alwaysbring good yield in the long run . the cheapest property in the market, however does not necessarily mean it is the best buy.

Alwaysa keeping check with their personal character while immersing themselves into investments in order to ensure that they will never get too greedy and unrealistic in their profit making goal.

The one who will always know how to buy properties and dispose them at the appropriate time to make the most ideal profit out of it.

Always aware of that any time during any economic cycle is the best time to invest in properties as there are no lowest (Price) in general.

Keen to do enough research in order to know where the best location is for investment and to be always on the lookout for the spilled effect of the profitable location in the surrounding areas.

Not too concern with the initial puechase price of the property because properties prices will never plummet beyond the initial price of the property.

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