2010 – A Beginning of another Real Estate Cycle

Gavin thinks it is a year to start Investing

2010, a year whereby the world’s financial market is recovering, and believed to be a new beginning of the property investment in Malaysia. If we look into the real estate investment cycle, this year (2010) can be considered as a new start.

Gavin Tee, a Real Estate Investment consultant and speaker believes it is a good year to start your real estate investment again. However, he advises that, as the way of recovering is so much different from the last Asia financial crisis (1998),investors are recommended to adjust their investment strategies accordingly.

The 2010 budget has been an upset to the property market. However, Gavin believes the government would come out with some incentives and new policies to boost the market in the month of April to July. He strongly believes that real estate transaction will be really active in second and third quarter.

Last week, Prime Minister Dato Seri Najib announced to amend the proposed RPGT to apply only for those who resell the property within their first 5 years of purchase. This is the sign that shows the government’s concerns and understands the importance of real estate towards the economic recovery to the country. This is a good start for 2010.

Gavin Tee is a registered real estate agent and also the Principle Investment Consultant of Amcity Capital Sdn Bhd. He specializes in conducting real estate investment courses and marketing research. He has been conducting or invited as a guest speaker for more than 30 real estate seminars and courses in 2009.

He said, “The real estate market will start very slowly in the first quarter as the result of the announcements of RPGT, the increase of interest rates and less favorable bank loan packages. Besides, the festive seasons will also attribute to the slow market in the first quarter.” However, Gavin thinks that investors should get prepared to invest in property after Chinese New Year.

Nevertheless, Gavin thinks investors should draw out their long term plans rather than expect a short term gain as the property market could just grow slowly in the next 2 to 3 years. It will be difficult to get FAST return investments.

Gavin believes that there is good news in 2010 for the real estate market but there wouldn’t be many surprises. The world economy is just in the beginning of the recovery stage and the key investors of the respective countries ( ie, US, Europe, Japan) shall be focused on the opportunities in their own homeland. There may only be an influx of foreign investments within the second to third year’s time. In addition, Malaysia has never been the first choice for foreign investments; therefore, the direct impact on economic recovery to our real estate market is relatively insignificant. However, the real EFFECT shall take place particularly in the High-End residential and commercial markets in the end of 2011 or 2012. We expect the cross-border investment to significantly push up the Malaysian real estate market and the country shall be on its way to become the investment haven to the world.

Basically, Malaysia is still the lowest for investments in the region and with a huge potential. The slow real estate market is mainly attributed by the earlier world economy conditions, the government policies and oversupply problems. However, investors with longer term planning would be able to get the huge profit out of it.

Gavin forecasts that the market in 2010 will turn to the secondary market. The new launching projects have hit another high price lately and most developers will no longer offer incentives. These are one of the reasons for switch of investment trend. In addition, the big number deliveries of new completion projects also attract the secondary market transaction. The strong competition in this area will create more opportunities.

High End condos in KLCC and Mont Kiara have a great number of completed units delivered within 2006-2009 and flooded the market supply. The owners are expecting a hard time in renting out their properties and therefore affecting the market price. This is a good opportunity for investors to catch up on the OVERSUPPLIED units as long as the investors have a ready plan for the next 3 years.. Gavin believes the oversupply will be absorbed by the market within 3 years time. As the supply and demand balance up, the market price should be able to go back to the level of RM1000 to RM3000psf (a 50% to 100% increase in price)

Gavin thinks it is very strange that there is currently an oversupply of residential units in the city centre and on the other hand, an oversupply of commercial units in the suburban areas (which is normally otherwise). This is the first time in the Malaysian real estate market history. And this is the reason why Gavin thinks the adjustment of prices will take place and generate a huge investment opportunity.

Shop lots and Offices in the city centre district will continue to be strong in 2010. However, there will be a huge oversupply problem in the suburban areas as well as new housing projects. The high launching prices and oversupply problem will be the main issues faced by the owner on rental. These include Puchong, Kota Damnasara areas, Subang and Bkt Tinggi, etc. However, there are still some good commercial properties in the same areas continuously enjoying good returns. Good commercial property will normally not be affected by oversupply problems anyway.

On the other hand, The Resort Properties and Green Buildings will begin to be the investment choices for investors. You will find that there is a growing interest on these properties. The world and our government will be the main forces creating the awareness on the importance of such properties. Although it may grow slowly but there is big potential in profit gains within 5 years. Thereafter it will grow rapidly. However, there are not too many choices in 2010 as there are limited buildings and projects with the above characteristics are available in the market.

With regards to the experiences from the last crisis which offered a period of 4 years to acquire goods and low property pricing, Gavin thinks 2010 is different:

  1. The interest rate is so much lower compared to 1998 to 2003; we can almost say the highest to the lowest
  2. The oversupply (which are mainly medium cost houses) happened in the outskirt and suburban areas in the last crisis while it currently occurs to the prime properties in the city and prime areas
  3. The market will be able to absorb the oversupply much faster than the last crisis
  4. There are not many auctions and bad debts (NPL) in this crisis
  5. Today’s market in Malaysia is more “Globalised” and the property cycle is shorter

For the reasons stated above, WAITING is not a good strategy to apply like last time. Gavin believes we may only have ONE good year to invest.

If we are able to manage such trends and draw out a comprehensive long term plan, next year will definitely be a good year to go into the market, and 3 years later would be the harvest year where it shall be a good time to sell.

The Great Finale of SwhengTee 2009

4th-6th December 2009 : “Be Rich & Happy - Dealing with Investment Problems”. This is a topic that teaches us to appreciate the many other aspects in life apart from wealth; it explains that being rich alone does not guarantee happiness.

That was one of the many lessons learnt during The SwhengTee 3 Days 2 Nights Real Estate Investment Course at Cinta Sayang Resort, Sungai Petani. Gavin Tee, the prominent Real Estate Speaker took 22 participants on a special trip to Kedah, where he focused on teaching his participants in a relax free environment and away from the city.

As Gavin’s last event for the year 2009, he devoted himself to deliver his presentation wisely and with confidence, giving a combination of topics like property trends, legal frameworks, landlording knowledge, etc. He chose a mix of participants with different backgrounds to enable a unique networking platform for his participants to learn from one another.

The topics for the 3 days Property Course include “Speedy & Steady Journey to Reach Retirement, Mastering the Market Trend to determine your Investment Target, Investment Opportunities of Green Building Index, Safeguarding Your Investment” and others gave a much needed insight and knowledge towards the participants. We also received a special guest appearance from Juanita Chin to present us with her Success Story.

Our hosts, Cinta Sayang Resort and EUPE Corp Sdn Bhd, the developer for Sky Residences provided us with various activities such as a welcome dance, night city tour, horse riding, archery, golf, Sky Residence Condo tour, and much more. These activities were in line with Gavin’s teachings; where an Investor is not rich without Happiness and that work and wealth alone does not guarantee a successful lifestyle.

Overall, it was a tremendous weekend; a memorable experience as Gavin and our hosts went all out to give us the best training experience possible for year 2009.

burj in Dubai

impressive picture, for that , i plan to travel to Dubai next two months to see in my eyes - what is TALL all about.

Be a RICH and HAPPY Landlord

How to invest in rented property?
How to deal with difficult tenants?
How to evict a bad tenant?

Join "SwhengTee Landlorlding talk" at KLCC Convention Centre on 15th Nov 2009.

Be a RICH and HAPPY Landlord!!

For reservation, contact us at 03-7983 0103 or email to

Tourism-Related & Green Building Properties on the Rise

After the recently concluded Budget Talk, there was special emphasis on tourism-related properties as well as the introduction of the Green Building Index. The government is on the right track in focusing their efforts on areas like the tourism sector. During a time where the slowdown of the manufacturing & export industry is visible, the Budget 2010 does show the determination to develop the economy though tourism, where majority of foreign countries receive popular and ‘hot’ reviews. In comparison, the Malaysian tourism is indeed in an infant stage.

According to Gavin Tee, a Real Estate Investment Consultant, the Green Building Index will lead the way in all future developments. “The emphasis will be on environmental friendly energy savings, recycling of resources, and cost reduction for maintenance. Thus, the government’s proposal for a tax & stamp duty exemption is an indicator of their determination in moving towards this new direction.”

In conjunction with Gavin’s 30th Property Talk in 2009, he will be offering a Free property talk on the 8th November (Sunday) in Boulevard Hotel, Mid Valley. Individuals who are eager to gain the insights on the budget updates on GBI, RPGT, and the Potential tourism-related properties should not miss this opportunity.

The 1 hour talks will be scheduled at 11am, and 4pm (2pm in Mandarin) along with an exhibition from 10am to 7pm. Those interested are welcome to join.

Green Buildings and Tourism-related Properties rising to demand

The next hot investment topic and new trend in real estate development will change course to Tourism-related properties and environmental friendly Green Buildings. Gavin Tee will be sharing the above at level 8, Boulevard Hotel, Mid Valley City on Sunday ( Nov 8 ) from 10am to 7pm.

The admission is free and 3 special talks ( 2 in English and 1 in Mandarin ) will be presented.
In conjunction with Gavin's 30th property talk in 2009, Gavin is delighted to extend the free invitation. You may also have a coffee with Gavin face to face to receive a free personal consultancy in property investment.

We hope to see you there.

Reintroducing RPGT - A Losing Game

Reintroducing Real Property Gains Tax
A Losing Game

In times of a fragile economy, the government should adopt a strategy on stimulating the activities of the real estate market, giving much needed incentives rather than imposing taxes.

Gavin Tee, a real estate investment consultant and speaker commented, “The market was just beginning to show signs of recovery and that is a positive note for market stabilization. However, we have yet to see the influx of foreign investments and gain the full confidence from property home buyers. Thus, it is not a good time to reintroduce Real Property Gains Tax.”

“The key issue should not be on the support to big developers, mega projects and multi corporations but on building the basics – the market condition. The basic economic theory to rescue the market should be applied, which is; to create a market and not to create a product. Thus, imposing RPGT is actually against the way.”

Gavin believes that the imposing of Real Property Gains Tax would affect a loss of income for the government in stamp duty collections. “The high deductions would greatly impact the number of Sales & Purchase transactions. It will further affect the business in the construction and professional services industry. In overall, there will be lesser stamp duty and taxes received by the government.”

“For example, a property with a value of RM 1mil will yield RM 24,000 as stamp duty payments. Assuming that it can be sold at RM1.2mil and make a RM200,000 profit, a sum of RM 10,000 will be collected as Real Property Gains Tax. With this introduction, the government may not only lose the RPGT revenue but potentially also the stamp duty fees due to the worsening of the market caused by RPGT.”

“Furthermore, Real Property Gains Tax would reduce Real Estate market price, further decreasing the stamp duty collection and ultimately affecting the government income.”

The introduction of RPGT would greatly affect 2 sectors, which is the high end real estate as well as the secondary property markets, particularly to older homes. “Whatever efforts in place now to strengthen the property market will go to waste,” he said.

“Real Property Gains Tax should only be applied when the property market overheats and absolutely not during a cool market period. This move will not only heavily impact the construction, renovation, raw materials and the professional services industry but also directly affecting the people’s and government’s income.”

In conclusion, Gavin hopes the government will reconsider its proposal for Real Property Gains Tax.

Reinstatement of RPGT Act 1976 ?

Last Friday Prime Minister Dato Seri Najib proposed that a tax of 5% be imposed on gains from the disposal of real property effective from Jan 1st 2010 during the Budget 2010 proposal. However, Gavin Tee, a Property Investment Consultant and Speaker interpreted otherwise. “From the official web site of MOF, 5% as a fixed rate imposed on the gains is misunderstood.”

Also as the Managing Director of real estate agency Arborland & Co, Gavin pointed out that according to the finance bill, the government proposed to reintroduce the RPGT ACT 1976, in which the taxes shall be as high as 30% if the property is being disposed in the first two years.

The proposal is to add on 5% on the sixth year onwards which was exempted by the act before it was abolished. The new tax scheme applied to the individual will be the same applied to corporate ownership, which is higher than the original.

However, the Finance Ministry reassured the governmen proposed a fixed rate of 5% imposed on gain instead of reintroducing the RPGT Act 1976. He said it is expected to come up with an exemption order on the Real Property Gains Tax (RPGT) this week to clear the confusion surrounding the RPGT proposal.

The Real Property Gain Tax Act was gazetted in 1976, under the Act, in order to curb speculation; gains on disposal of property are subject to RPGT. The tax are scheduled as high as 30% on the 1st and 2nd years of disposal, 20% on the 3rd year, 15% on the 4th year and 5% on the fifth year. It shall be exempted if the property is disposed on the sixth year onwards. The Act was abolished in April 1st, 2007. ( But it was not really abolished but exempted)

Gavin commented, “The Real Estate Market is only in its initial stage of recovery, and the proposal will definitely create a big impact to the High-end property market, particularly to the areas of newly completed projects and those that are in oversupply. If the Act is reintroduced, I believe it will stop the foreign investment and worsen the real estate market.”

Gavin Seriously recommends the Government to reconsider the proposal.

It is unfair for the OLD HOUSE OWNERS to pay RPGT

Pay Real Property Gain Tax disregar of tenure of ownership

Now , you may need to pay for Real Property Gain Tax disregarding how long you have owned the property, unless you are able to dispose it before Jan 1st , 2010.

According to the proposal of Budget 2010, the government will impose 5% tax on gains on disposal of real property despite of the tenure of ownership. Real Estate Investment Consultant Gavin Tee feels it is very unfair to the genuine property owners who have owned a property for many years and who also never have any intention on speculation.

The reason of introducing Real Property Gain Tax Act 1976 was to curb speculation, especially on short term investment. Thus a 30% of tax was imposed on the disposal during the first and second year. 20% on the 3rd year, 15% on the forth year and 5% on the fifth year. Tax will be exempted on the sixth year onwards for the individual investors but remain 5% for the corporate owner. As a result, most of the property investors only dispose their properties after 5 years of ownership. This Act slowed down the investment activities to the property industry.

Besides, if the government impose a fixed 5% tax disregards on the tenure of ownership, a house owner who purchased a house 20 or 30 years ago in Klang Valley will have to pay a “hefty” Gain Tax next year onwards for the disposal.

Gavin quotes an example, a link house purchased 20 or 30 years ago may only cost RM50,000 , and if the owner disposing it now at RM750,000, he therefore will be liable for RM35,000 of Tax. Furthermore, a property owner may never expect this abolished act can be reintroduced with amendment that a gains tax across board without allowance of any holding period. Thus, they may not keep any receipt on renovation or home improvement for tax deduction purpose.

Thus, Gavin recommends the proposal shall only apply to the property acquire on Jan 1st , 2010 or later .

Furthermore, a bungalow in Kuala Lumpur may only valued at RM200,000 years back but now maybe sold at RM 4 million and above. The proprietor thus have to incur more than RM200,000 of property gains tax next year. Whereas under the old act 1976 , if an individual house owner disposes the property after 5 years, there is no tax charged. This proposal will definitely create a big impact on the secondary market, particularly to the properties acquired at an early days and very unfair to property owners who acquired for own stay.

Budget 2010

Property Market to Lead the Way under New Budget

The public has been heavily speculating on the upcoming Budget Talks, as concerns were focused on whether the government would adopt an aggressive approach to sustain and save the Malaysian economy after the downturn. According to Gavin Tee, a Real Estate Investment Consultant & Managing Director of Arborland & Co (Real Estate Agency), the general public should not be expect too much and neither too many surprises in the government policy compared with recent years.

“I believe that a surprising and aggressive stance by the government would not come around this time. This is because the government has already injected mini budget allocations for the past year.”

“However, one positive view is that this would be our new Prime Minister Dato Seri Najib’s first involvement in the financial budget. I believe in his determination to reform the nation’s economic condition,” he added.

He explained that the new PM is very well versed in the trends of globalization and cross border investments.

“Dato Seri Najib is well aware that these transactions are crucial and must be his first priority. Hence, he will be eager to make policy changes to meet the world standards.”

According to Gavin, the government’s focus may be on several areas. “The key area should be on the construction sectors involved in infrastructure and real estate development. However, I hope to see such mega projects develop according to the main economic principles and ensure the effectiveness of the project. In the past, failures do occur because of favoritism.”

He also commented that the property sector could be a boost towards the economy. “If you look at geographic statistics, Asia’s economic growth is led by the property and real estate market, especially China and Singapore.

I believe that the Malaysian Real Estate market can easily be the leader for recovery as our market has yet to be aggressively involved in the cross border and international property ring.” He also added that the Malaysian property price is still one of the lowest in the region, hence there is a great potential for the sector to grow.

When asked for suggestions in reviving the economy, Gavin said “We should look into the government assets, whereby there are ‘white elephants’ or abandoned projects and under utilized government buildings. The government could increase income by privatizing or leasing such properties by offering the incentive to the private sectors in the budget. These sectors would then have the initiative to contribute in offsetting the deficit.”

“The government should not impose higher taxes, but to increase their spending and create an active economy in order to generate more revenue. For example, there were remarks on resuming Real Property Gains Tax (RPGT). Gavin thinks the government should not reintroduce it as it will heavily slow down the property transactions and affect the stamp duty revenue. The loss of stamp duty could be higher than the collection of RPGT. Furthermore, imposing RPGT will have a negative impact to the real estate market. The decrease in property prices will seriously yet again lower down the collection of stamp duty.”

In addition, Gavin proposed to waive the stamp duty for properties valued at RM300,000 and below, particularly in the city centre as a medium-low cost property in the city costs around that amount.

“Lastly, we should promote the tourism sector or more specifically into the tourism related properties. Malaysia is rich with resources to promote and attract international players. The government must emphasize on promoting this sector by developing resorts, tourism and hospitality related properties. This will lead ultimately to less dependence on the exports and manufacturing industries, which are more competitive in the world market.”

“We hope the government would indeed stress a key emphasis and inject a much needed stimulus to these proposed areas.”

A Day to Remember at KLCC

Last Sunday (11th October 09) was another memorable day at Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre as another Swhengtee Property Talk was held. The full day event with sponsors like Ho Chin Soon Research Sdn Bhd & Mortgage Broker Sdn Bhd was well received as the venue was filled with eager investors and home buyers from KL, Penang, Johor, Melaka and even Sarawak yearning to learn and gain some invaluable insights from Mr. Gavin Tee and the topic “Profiting from My First Property Purchase”.

This event came at the perfect moment when concerns arised on how the property market was shaping up after the worldwide financial downturn, with many being doubtful or even fearful in stepping into this investment in the near future. Gavin gave a well elaborated explanation on this stating “The Real Estate Market has actually just begun. The economic changes have been huge! Thus, smart investors will take advantage of the current market and select the best opportunities and investment plans.” He went on with giving an analysis on the housing, commercial, factory and land sectors.

Later on, Gavin reminds the audience on the Common Mistakes first time buyers make. “Most people make emotional purchases without the right knowledge and information, leading to a less successful first investment. Thus, this creates a fear to reinvest and stops a lot of individuals from trying again.”

Our invited speaker Chris Tan, a well versed lawyer shared an interview session with Gavin and made the legal implications a very interesting topic. The interview was not only conducted between the two of them, but also among the participants during the Q&A Session. Participants were impressed as Chris answered the questions professionally and accurately.

Gavin and Ho Chin Soon are best friends who shared the same passion; to turn participants into students and minimize their risks in property investments. Thus, the Student Version of the maps were marketed at a great price and received an overwhelming response.

For those who wish to attend another Swhengtee Program, the next event will be on the 15th of November 2009 at Room 306, Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre. Eager investors will be pleased to know that the topic “LandLording” will have the morning session in English and the afternoon session conducted in Mandarin. So make your enquiries and register your seats before they run out!

After 926, the Worst is Definitely Over

It was truly a sight to see at Menara Hap Seng on the 26th of September, where investors from all over came to participate at Gavin Tee’s passionate seminar on
“Is the Worst Over? In High End Condo Market? – KLCC Area”

With Gavin providing the seminar in both English & Chinese (2 Sessions), the participants were able to grasp the information presented intently. Topics like “The Impact of Cross Border Investments & Urbanization to the KLCC Market”, “5 Star KL Condos and 5 Star Developers”, and “Location Location Location is Wrong Wrong Wrong” drew special attention as Gavin pointed out clearly and confidently that the Worst is Truly Over.

While many are still concerned with the impact of the economic downturn, the facts that were presented were simply overwhelming. The indications all point out to the potential and rise of the Asia Property Market compared to the Western Nations. Further facts led to the belief that Kuala Lumpur and the Malaysian market is far below its true potential and there is plenty opportunities to tap into this lucrative market.

We learnt that a price drop is normally due to oversupply and speculation and overall AN Adjustment. Smart Investors must understand that Disorder and and Dislocated is just another reflection on the buying opportunities. Unfortunately, as pointed out by Gavin, only 5% of the market see these opportunities as only a handful are prepared and educated enough to make the firm and accurate decisions whilst the rest go on a
“people buy, I buy” concept.

Overall, this Property Seminar was a huge success and ultimately satisfying, leaving the investors awaiting for the next upcoming event at KLCC Convention Centre with the topic

“Profiting from My First Property Purchase” on the 11th of October.
Not to be missed by first time buyers or those who wish to treat every property purchase as their first one.

Is the WORST over?

if you want to invest in High-End property, esp. in Condos, don't miss this seminar, Sept 26, 2009。 English session in the morning, afternoon will be in mandarin

Free Seminar on "Common Mistakes Made by Malaysian Property Investors

Free Seminar on Real Estate Investment
By Gavin Tee in Mid Valley

What are the common mistakes made by our Malaysian Property Investors? Let's find out this Saturday ( August 29) at 5pm in Mid Valley ( 3rd floor Exhibition Hall). Gavin Tee, a real estate investment Consultant and Speaker will share with you the story.

You may not want to miss this one hour property investment talk as a mistake may cost you hundreds and thousands of Ringgit. We hope to see you there.

Knowledge leads to a firm decision, let's go to Swhengtee seminars

welcome to our property gallery Tea Party

Exclusive Invitation

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Our Tea Party
Aug 16th 2009 ( Sunday )
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Some of the features and facts of the property are as below:-

  • It is a freehold property-
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Promotion Package from August till Sept 2009-

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The above special package is only offered during our promotion period.

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"Easy ways" successfully held at Mid Valley, Big Thanks

Thanks for those who attended and supported the "Easy ways to make big $ from property investment" Swhengtee property investment talk. The talk was held at Mid Valley last sunday.

I must apologize to 60 audience who stood for hour. I will feedback to the organizer to ensure proper and sufficient seats to arrang in the future seminar.

Let's the property investment plan works for your retirement plan, let's do it!

Najib "Extensively" relax FIC as predicted by Gavin Tee

Gavin had predicted that the new prime minister Najib would relax the FIC guideline extensively during his last few seminars at KLCC ( march), PWTC(Arpil) and Mid Valley (June) and it had been confirmed on 30th june where the PM announced a series of new measures to liberalise the economy .

FIC approval for property transactions will now only be required when it involves a dilution of Bumiputera or government interest for properties valued at RM20 million and above, while other transactions, including between foreigners and non-Bumiputeras, will not require approval.

Foreigners are now only allowed to purchase properties above RM500,000. However, Gavin thinks this will not cause any shake up in the efforts to stimulate the real estate market. In fact, High end condos and commercial property sector will be the main beneficial.

Gavin also predicted the best time to invest in property shall be from may 2009 till November 2009 as he believed the new prime minister will come out with aggressive measurements to stimulate property market. New measurements is believed to announce in the upcoming budget .

Gavin believes the upcoming budget will bring more good news to real estate market.

Swhengtee Free talk at Mid Valley on Jun 28

Gavin Speaks on property investment at Mid Valley this Sunday

A free seminar will be held in conjunction with property exhibition—Malaysia Property & Investment Showcase organized by Exhibition Guide Company.

Topic : Easy Ways to make Big Money from Property Investment
Date : 28th June 2009 ( sunday )
Time : 3:30pm - 4:30on
Venue : Seminar Theatre, Hall 3,Mid Valley Exibition Centre ( MVEC)
Kuala Lumpur

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Gavin's talk reported in Home finder magazine

Home finder reported on Gavin Tee’s talk on “ Crisis brings golden opportunity” held at PWTC on April 12, 2009. Below are the extract from Gavin Tee’s investment talk :
Smart Investors Are…

Always armed with knowledge and the latest information relating to property and property investment. The weapon of knowledge and information can be used to boost confidence of an investor, allowing one to make firm and wise decision before sealing the deal of any property.

Wisely selective on the properties they want to invest in. A good property will alwaysbring good yield in the long run . the cheapest property in the market, however does not necessarily mean it is the best buy.

Alwaysa keeping check with their personal character while immersing themselves into investments in order to ensure that they will never get too greedy and unrealistic in their profit making goal.

The one who will always know how to buy properties and dispose them at the appropriate time to make the most ideal profit out of it.

Always aware of that any time during any economic cycle is the best time to invest in properties as there are no lowest (Price) in general.

Keen to do enough research in order to know where the best location is for investment and to be always on the lookout for the spilled effect of the profitable location in the surrounding areas.

Not too concern with the initial puechase price of the property because properties prices will never plummet beyond the initial price of the property.

Recruitment - positions open

Immediate Vacancies

Event Manager
English Writer
Real Estate Manager, Negotiators

In view of our firm expansion program, we seek for qualified candidates to fill the above positions. Candidates must be fluent in English, prefer those who can speak Mandarin. Minimum 3 years experience is required.

All female or male applicants aged between 25 to 45 are welcomed to send in his/her resume to

Crisis brings golden opportunity

"Crisis brings golden opportunity to invest in prime property at a steal, let Gavin Tee guides you professionally how to reap from property investment". The opening remark by the MC at the property seminar held at PWTC @ Putra World Trade Centre today.

Thank you for your support !

We thank for your support to make the success of the Swhengtee Property Talk " 2009 - a year of crisis, Survive in Recession, invest in Property" which was held in Kuala Lumpur Conference Centre at KLCC

Gavin Speaks on property investment at PWTC this Sunday

Gavin Speaks on property investment at PWTC this Sunday

A free seminar will be held in conjunction with property exhibition—Malaysia International Property Showcase organized by Exhibition Guide Company in Putra World Trade Centre this Sunday.

Gavin Tee will be speaking from 12:30pm to 1:30pm on “Crisis? Who Cares! – No worry to invest, No problem to dispose”.

According to Gavin , 2009- a year fills with opportunities for property investment. However, it is also filled with traps over the market. Gavin will analyze and explore the great opportunity on how to make a wise decision in your investment.

See you yah!

Seminar on "Survive in Recession, Invest in Properties"

March 28,2009 ( Saturday )
KLCC Kuala Lumpur Conference Centre
Medium : Mandarin

Real Estate Agents can't hold a branch

This letter is written by the President of MIEA ( Malaysia Institude of Estate Agents ) regarding the issues that affect the practise and professionalism of the industry.

Dear Members,

Good day to all. We have just received a circular from the Board on the issue of holding 51% of the equity in the subsidiary of the branch firm and the revoking of circular 5/97 with immediate effect.

Many member have called MIEA and raised questions on the practicality and the effect it has on all practitioners. MIEA is concerned on its effect and we kindly seek your views on this. Please give your opinion and views on this matter in our forum or you ca officially write to us. We would after listening to you views and suggestions may take this matter to the Board. If you have not received a copy please call secretariat at 03-79602577 for a copy to be faxed to you.

We are now seeking opinion on this matter and we will in due course explain the implication on us. Watch out for this in Miea2u



K. Soma Sundram
March 3rd, 2009

Property Seminar in March 28 2009

2009 - A Year of Global Financial Crisis
SURVIVE in Recession and INVEST in Properties
Property Talk

Organizer : Amcity Capital Sdn Bhd

Co-organizer :Arborland & Co

Medium : Mandarin

Sponsors : EUPE Corporation, Ho Chin Soon Research, iproperty.com

Date :March 28,2009 (Saturday )

Time :9.30AM – 5.30 PM

Venue :KLCC Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre

Speakers :Mr Gavin Tee,Prof Dr Hoo Ke Ping

Seminar Fee :Early Bird RM 268(Normal Rate RM368,Group Discount RM 218 each) -- Including 2 tea/coffee, seminar notes, free maps and magazines, lucky draws

Contact :03- 7983 0103,016-2020 001


Mr Gavin Tee speaks on

1)The Global Economic Crisis and its effect on the Malaysian Property Market.
2)Is 2009, the year of Ox an auspicious year for Property investments?
3)Crisis is Opportunity, how to identify “Safe “ property investment ?
4)Warren Buffet’s Maxim “When others are bullish, one should be fearful, when others are fearful one should be bullish” Does this approach to investment apply in Malaysia during these Recessionary times ?
5)90% of Property investors fail ; aim to be among the successful 10%.

Prof. Dr. Hoo Ke Ping speaks on

1)Malaysia’s Economic Outlook within the context of the Global financial Crisis.
2)Monitoring the stock market and its effect to the Real Estate Market
3)China’s influences on economic recovery and its significance role to Malaysia’s property market.
4)Gazing into 2009 and beyond : Shrinking or Recovering ?
5)The Million Dollar Question : Shall we invest in property and when ?


08:45AM Registration
09:30AM Crisis ! Crisis ? Exploring the great opportunity in property investment
10:30AM Tea Break
10:45AM Understanding the changes in the dark and long financial tunnel to derive an
appropriate strategy in property investment
01:00PM Lunch Time
02:00PM Be the first to Survive in the recession before sourcing for the right and profitable
03:30PM Tea Break
03:45PM Shall we invest Now? If so, where and What to buy ?
05:00PM Q & A Time
05:30PM The End

Speakers Profile

Prof Dr. Hoo Ke Ping

57 years old , a renown and reputable economist, politician and analyst in Malaysia . He obtained his Doctor in Business Adm (DBA) from Southern Cross University in Australia . He acts as an advisor to Trade Associations, banks and more than 50 other establishments.

Dr. Hoo Ke Ping has been appointed as director in corporate firm , he has also been a lecturer , researcher and taken part in IDRC and World Bank survey. He has published 5 books on economics , i.e Asian financial crisis , International monetary policy and foreign exchange trends , the performance of Malaysian Ringgit.

Gavin TEE:

Gavin Tee obtained his International Marketing Degree from Eastern Michigan University of United States in 1988. At present, he is the Marketing Director of Arborland & Co and also the principle consultant in Amcity Capital Sdn Bhd. He is a Registered Estate Agent and has been in real estate industry for 18years.

Gavin is frequently invited to be a commentator for Television and other media, he has also authored four books and currently a feature writer for various magazines and newspaper specializing on property investment issue. He sits as principle consultant of Fecam 5G Channel on Property Investment Planning that serves the Chinese community.

Mr. Tee has frequently invited to speak in public on politic, social and educational issues. He has also conducted many training courses in the area of sales and Marketing. He specializes in customizing talk and seminar where he tailor-made programs and courses.

WINNERS TO ATTEND “ The Swhengtee Property Talk”

WINNERS TO ATTEND “ The Swhengtee Property Talk”

With our utmost gratitude , we would like to extend our appreciation to those who had attended “The Swhengtee Property Talk” held earlier at KLCC convention Centre on May 17,2008. Participants who had returned the feedback forms will stand a chance to attend the second Swhengtee property talk for free. Below is the list of first batch winners.

The Seminar “ Survive in Recession and Invest in Properties ” ( in Mandarin) will be held in Kuala Lumpur on March 28, 2009 at 9:30am till 5:30pm.

Winners are required to call Amcity Capital Sdn Bhd on or before March 18,2009 to claim TWO tickets (worth RM536). ( Tel :03-7983 0103 ,016-2020 001)

2)LEE LI LEE 李昀芯
3)NANCY NG 黄馨莹
4)ANDY LOW 刘錦鴻
10)JC MAX 袁仰赋

To view photos taken on May 17,2008 of the seminar held in KLCC, please log in :http://swhengtee17052008.blogspot.com/

US Corporate failures related to sub prime issues

► 2007 : Feb – Mar : Sub prime industry collapses; more than 25 sub prime lenders in the
US declaring bankruptcy, announcing significant losses, or putting themselves
up for sale.

● Aug 6 : American Home Mortgage files for Chapter 11 bankruptcy.

● Aug 16 : Countrywide Financial Corporation, the biggest US mortgage lender,
narrowly avoids bankruptcy by taking out an emergency loan of US$11bil from
a group of banks.

● Aug 31 : Ameriquest, once the largest sub prime lender in the US, goes out of

● Dec 6 : President George W Bush announced a plan to voluntarily and
temporarily freeze the mortgages of a limited number of mortgage debtors
holding adjustable rate mortgages (ARM). He also asked Members of Congress

- Pass legislation to modernize the Federal Housing Administration.

- Temporarily reform the tax code to help homeowners refinance during this
time of housing market stress.

- Pass funding to support mortgage counseling.

- Pass legislation to reform Government Sponsored Enterprises (GSEs) like
Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae.

► 2008 :

● Mar 14 : Bear Stearns gets Fed funding as shares plummet.

● Mar 16 : Bear Stearns gets acquired by JPMorgan Chase in a fire sale avoiding
bankruptcy initially at US$2 a share but later revised to a higher price. The
deal is backed by Federal Reserve providing up to US$30bil to cover possible
Bear Stearn losses.

● Sept 7 : Federal takeover of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac.

● Sept 14 : Merrill Lynch sold to Bank of America amidst fears of a liquidity
crisis and Lehman Brothers collapse.

● Sept 15 : Lehman Brothers files for bankruptcy protection.

● Sept 16 : Moody’s and Standard and Poor’s downgrade ratings on AIG’s credit
over continuing losses to mortgage-backed securities, raising fears of

● Sept 17 : The US Federal Reserve loans US$85bil to American International
Group (AIG) to avoid bankruptcy.

● Sept 25 : Washington Mutual was seized by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corp,
and its banking assets were sold to JP MorganChase for US$1.9bil.

● Sept 29 : Federal Deposit Insurance Corp announces that Citigroup Inc. would
acquire banking operations of Wachvia.

US government action on sub prime and related fallout

► 2007 :

● August : worldwide “ credit crunch” as sub prime mortgage backed securities are
discovered in portfolios of banks and hedge funds around the world. Federal Reserve
injects about US$100bil into the money market for banks to borrow at a low rate.

● Aug 17: The Fed lowers the discount rate by 50 basis points to 5.75% from 6.25%.

● Aug 31 : President George W Bush announces a limited bailout of US homeowners
unable to pay the rising costs of their debts. Ameriquest, once the largest sub prime
lender in the US, goes out of business.

● Sept 1-3: Fed Economic Symposium in Jackson Hole, Wyoming addressed the
housing recession that jeopardised US growth. Several critics argued that the Fed
should use regulation and interest rates to prevent asset-price bubbles.

● Sept 18: The Fed lowers interest rates by half a point (0.5%).

● Oct 10: Hope Now Alliance was created by the US government and private industry to
help some sub-prime borrowers.

● Oct 15-17: A consortium of US banks backed by the US government announced a
“super fund” of US$100bil to purchase mortgage-backed securities whose mark-to
market value plummeted in the sub prime collapse.

● Oct 31: The Fed lowers the federal funds rate by 25 basis points to 4.5%.

● Nov 1: The Fed injects US$41bil into the money market for banks to borrow at a low
rate, the largest single expansion by the Fed since US$50.35bil was injected on Sept

● Dec 6: President Bush announced a plan to voluntarily and temporarily freeze the
mortgages of a limited number of mortgage debtors holding adjustable rate mortgages

► 2008 :

● Mar 16: Bear Stearns is acquired by JPMorgan Chase initially for US$2 a share but
later revised to a higher price in a fire sale avoiding bankruptcy. The deal is backed by
The Fed providing up to US$30bil to cover possible Bear Stearn losses.

● Sept 7: Federal takeover of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac.

● Sept 17: The Fed loans US$85bil to American International Group (AIG) to avoid

● Sept 19: Treasury secretary Henry Paulson financial rescue plan unveiled after a
volatile week in stock and debt markets.

● Sept 25 : Washington Mutual is seized by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corp, and its
banking assets sold to JP MorganChase for US$1.9bil.

● Sept 29 : Emergency Economic Stabilization Act defeated 228-205 in the US House of

● Sept 29: Federal Deposit Insurance Corp announces that Citigroup Inc. would acquire
banking operations of Wachovia.

● Oct 1 : The US Senate passes HR1424, their version of the bailout bill.

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