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SwhengTee Chinese New Year Talk, Property Forecast Talk by Gavin Tee & Feng Shui Talk by Kenny Hoo on 1-02-2012 (Wednesday).

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2月1日(星期三),郑水兴房地产市场预测与许鸿方龙年风水讲座。 欢迎出席。Call 012 376 0020.


Swhengtee Annual Property Focus Talk - The Shift in Property Focus in 2012

Kuala Lumpur -The year of the dragon looks to be volatile and unpredictable. There’s both uncertainty in the economic and political environment both locally and internationally. Would the growth continue? Would there be a decline? A crisis? A bubble?

Gavin Tee, the Property Guru thinks the focus on property investment will see swift changes in 2012. What was traditionally preferred may no longer work while emerging trends and new opportunities abound. Medium cost properties will take prominence along with tourism related properties being the new spotlight. South East Asia will also be the focus of the world. However, it would not be without its challenges. Gavin expounds further.

Since 2007, Malaysia’s property market has experienced drastic changes. In 2007, there was a sharp upsurge in property market especially with high end condominium. This was due mostly to welcoming changes made on policies with regards to foreign purchase and investment, the abolishment of the FIC had a positive impact on the property scene.

However, things took for a downward turn in 2009 when trouble brewed in Middle East and Korea. The decline was sharp but short lived and 2010 saw the property scene bouncing back with rapid growth especially with landed properties and shop lots. This growth continued sharply into the first two quarters of 2011 and tapered off to almost flat growth in the last two quarters of 2011.

What is the outlook for 2012? Gavin Tee, Founding President of Swhengtee International Real Estate Investors Club, shared his strategies and predictions on the overall property market outlook for year 2012 at the Swhengtee Annual Property Forecast – The Shift in Property Focus in 2012, on January 7th (English) and 8th (Mandarin), from 10am to 5pm, at the Plenary Theatre Auditorium, Level 3, Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre. The talks are an annual highlight much look forward to by both the public and especially with members of the Swhengtee International Real Estate Investors Club, where they share knowledge and manage portfolios of the members whom are savvy property investors. The club gathers professionals in the industry to share views and knowledge and in this event, Gavin is joined by industry experts Ahyat Ishak, Elizabeth Siew, Legal Advisor; Gordev Singh; Seasoned Investor; and Kee Wah Soong, Financial Advisor who imparted information on how to be a smart investor in 2012.

“2012 would see much changes and these changes would have a large impact on Malaysia and the property scene. The cautious stance investors are taking especially on the market in China and in the West would influence sentiments in Malaysia. There’s huge uncertainty and the market is down but this is an opportunity for those who know how” Gavin said.

Among the strategies and forecasts he shared is that the scenario in US is uncertain especially with the exchange rate, the Euro crisis and the tight controlling policies in China. These factors are happening at a time when South East Asia is relaxing its policies, making it very attractive to global investors.

Hence Gavin is confident on the emerging market especially in South East Asia. He adds that these countries as having low entry and high potential. The changes and the right timing will shift the focus of the world on South East Asia. In addition, Malaysia has one of the most friendly policies and its viability could prove more attractive in 2012.

In addition, when economy is low, tourists are attracted to South East Asia. This will boost the tourism industry. Those that stand most to benefit from these forecasts are resorts and tourism related industries. Tourist focused properties will gain grounds in the 2012 environment.

On best investments in such situation, Gavin propose to side step risks and invest firstly in matured residential and commercial area. Pocket land and boutique developments in developed commercial and residential areas are good choices. Redevelopments within such areas are also attractive. Watch out for opportunities to get a good rate from balance stock in these areas. He recommends medium cost and niche projects.

Meanwhile Gavin sees that locals would growingly invest in overseas market therefore the government should promote Malaysia to foreign investors especially in Japan, China and Singapore.

He sees the ETP and Economic Corridor as a strong attraction to international investors.

“Overall, the first five months would be slow and quiet but the third quarter would see some active transaction with the niche market seeing growth in price first. He feels there’s a possibility to make and record stronger property prices in the latter half of the year” Gavin concluded.

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